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Advisory Board for Freedom-U

Saul Castellanos
Saul Castellanos is the President of Freedom Youth Project Foundation.  The majority of Saul’s career was spent in the private sector as owner of a software development firm. In that capacity, he served as consultant, business analyst, process engineer, project manager and facilitator. He brings these skill-sets to the development of a non-profit foundation dedicated to America’s youth who are victimized by Human Trafficking. Saul’s leadership has developed Freedom Youth Project Foundation into a collaborative that brings together subject matter experts to address the many challenges pertaining to Human Trafficking. This includes connecting with key leaders from ministries, higher-education, social work, medicine, law enforcement, legislation and policy. Saul is currently participating in the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task force, chartered by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and the Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking.

Kimberly Barnett Gibson
Kimberly Barnett Gibson is a verbal and visual communicator who is committed to building systems and promoting policies that create a space in which all beings are encouraged to live lives of physical, mental, and spiritual abundance. She is the Director of the Center for Women in Church and Society at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas and serves on the Board of Directors for Merced Housing and the Board of Trustees for Providence Catholic School. Her primary professional interest is in discovering, understanding, and teaching non-oppositional methods of social change rooted in the intentional use of art, ritual, mindfulness, and social media. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from The Ohio State University, a BA and MA in Interpersonal and Public Communication from Bowling Green State University, and has worked as a faculty member and administrator in higher education for the past 25 years. She has served as a communication consultant for The Ohio State University Graduate School, the Congregation of Divine Providence, and numerous non-profit organizations.  She has extensive event planning, social media management, and group facilitation experience.  She is an Associate of the Congregation of Divine Providence, and in her free time most often can be found behind a digital camera, gardening, or soaking in the art at one of her favorite museums.

Tomi Grover

Tomi Grover serves as a speaker, author, and teacher. In her book "Compelled" she explores the Christian church’s role, responsibilities, and response to the atrocities of human trafficking. "God is compassionately compelling a response to human trafficking in the world and He is asking His church to respond by joining Him." This book discusses the “why” and “what” of God’s compelling message to the church.Tomi is a dynamic, engaging, sought after speaker. (www.tomigrover.com) TraffickStop is an educational initiative Tomi founded in 2009 to educate, advocate, and engage people on human trafficking (www.traffickstop.org). She believes everyone needs to know their human trafficking footprint and how they can make a difference.Tomi holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work and Ministry-Based Evangelism, and a Master of Arts in Christian Education, from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Historically, she had a twelve-year career as a certified telecommunications operator, and was certified as a law enforcement officer, as well as a law enforcement instructor and holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Florida.

Jackie Walter

Jackie Walter is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Women in Church and Society at Our Lady of the Lake University. Jacqueline Walter, born in Beloit, Wisconsin, has lived in San Antonio for 16 years; she is married and has 2 sons. Jacqueline graduated from Our Lady of the Lake in 2008 with a B.A. in Religious Studies.  She attended Oblate School of Theology, graduating in 2011 with MA in Theology.

Jackie’s experience includes Middle School Coordinator at Holy Spirit Catholic Church from 2003-2008, Chair of Faith Formation Board at Holy Spirit Catholic Church for 3 yrs. and served on board for 6 years, Member of the North East Independent School District council for 3 years, Trained mentoring coordinators for the NEISD for 3 years. She has served on the Liturgy committee at Oblate School of Theology for 2 years and served on the Strategic Planning Committee at Oblate School of Theology for 2 years. She is currently the RCIA instructor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Theological Field Supervisor for Oblate School of Theology and Guest Instructor for Instituo de Formacion/ Pastoral Formation Institute at Oblate School of Theology. She is a Member of the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Member of Can We Talk, Member of the South Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Member of the Socially Responsible Investment