Agencies: Partner with us!

One of the reasons students would want to participate in Freedom-U is to have the ability to do work and connect with professionals working at agencies. Students are looking for opportunities to connect and participate in projects that will benefit the work your agency is doing. Your participation in this event is imperative, as students are looking for the next step to learn how they can make a difference with their career. Not only will your participation help and encourage students, but it will also open doorways for your agency as well. It is a win-win situation for both students and participating agencies. Your participation in this event lays the groundwork for student participation. Please join us in helping pave the way for this generation's future leaders. It's imperative that you sign up as soon as possible.  When signing up with Freedom-U, you are agreeing to help support our efforts by promoting your agency at an informational table at Freedom-U events.

You're the Reason Students will join Freedom-U

Benefits of Participation
Public awareness for your agency highlights what your agency does-- protecting the public from human trafficking. Being a part of Freedom-U allows you to make a positive impact in your community, while at the same time allowing you the opportunity to generate public awareness of your agency. Collaborating with Freedom-U highlights what your agency does to protect the public from human trafficking and can help open doors for potential clients, as well as help build professional relationships with other like-minded agencies.

Mentor Opportunities
Opportunity to connect and mentor future professionals interested in this kind of work. During Freedom-U gatherings, you will have the opportunity to speak with college students who may be interested in pursuing a career in your field. It will offer the opportunity to create a mentor relationship between students and professionals that will provide them with information and skills pertinent to the field they wish to pursue.

Internship Opportunities
Opportunity to identify candidates for internships at your agency. During Freedom-U gatherings, you will be able to visit and speak with college students from several different areas of studies. This will give you the opportunity to identify and get to know potential candidates for future internships. 

Recruit and Encourage
Students of this generation are more likely to engage in careers that allow them to be connected to a social issue involving human rights. Participation in Freedom-U will allow you to recruit emerging professionals, and encourage academic programs that focus on the education and skills needed in the understanding and prevention of human trafficking. 

Propose Projects (coming soon)
Freedom-U will engage students in projects relevant to combating and preventing human trafficking. We are developing guidelines to allow participating agencies to propose projects for Freedom-U students. Stay tuned for more information.