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Propose a Project

                                 Propose a Project

Freedom-U will identify gaps and issues related to interagency collaboration with respect to working to combat and prevent human trafficking.  AACAT coalition members will be able to propose projects for Freedom-U to undertake which have a multi-agency impact, and relate to anti-trafficking work.


Freedom-U is bringing together college students and professionals to collaborate on projects to end human trafficking.


Freedom-U is designed to engage university students by green-lighting qualifying projects, identifying deliverables, milestones and tasks.  Students will be sourced into projects based on their field-study and skill-sets. They will be assigned micro-project work which allows students to contribute time and talent on flex-work schedules that fit around their class schedules. These micro projects will feed into larger more impactful deliverables.


Agency Project Guidelines

Proposed project ideas should be examples of interagency collaboration. Proposed project ideas should be beneficial to all agencies involved. Part of the goal, of the work that Freedom-U is doing, is to unite a  network of agencies who share the common goal of putting an end to the human trafficking of children in America. We want projects that are going to be beneficial to the circle of agencies that are fighting the same fight as us. We ask that you please keep this in mind as you propose project ideas.


Examples of Interagency Collaboration

  • A proposal to create a website for a coalition that includes members from a variety of different agencies.

  • A general information brochure on human trafficking that any agency can use.

  • A proposal that will benefit the anti-trafficking community


Examples of Non-Interagency Collaboration

  • A proposal to create a website for only one organization

  • A brochure that highlights only one organization

  • A proposal that only benefits one agency

More information to come on how to propose a project through Freedom-U!