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Welcome to Freedom-U!
Freedom-U: A Unique Opportunity for University and College Students.

Freedom-U is specifically designed to engage university & college students in the movement to end the trafficking of children and young people in this country.  This initiative provides university and college students with knowledge, skills and tools to engage in resume' worthy work and become advocates for their younger peers who are at the highest risk from the deceptions used to lure victims into the world of human trafficking.   

There is much work to be done to properly address human trafficking both as a crime and more importantly as a public health issue. These gaps and issues provide a great opportunity for university and college students to leverage so many aspects of your current field-of-study, age and stage in life into work that can have both an immediate and lasting impact on this issue.

Why University and College Students Are Needed

Your Current Interest in Human Rights which is often thought of as a global and third-world issue. Human trafficking is fundamentally a human rights issue and it provides a domestic platform for those who care about this issue.

Your Field of Study and Career Plan can also be leveraged into work preventing and combating human trafficking. Students planning careers in social-work, law, criminal justice, psychology, medicine, and many others can find their education and training to be assets at Freedom-U. There are many other fields of study, which may surprise, which also provide skill sets which are critical, such as business, marketing, computer science, web development, graphic design, communications, journalism, ministry and others.

Your Current Age and Knowledge of Youth Culture is a tremendous asset because a main strategy requires reaching and communicating with youth, who are the primary targets of traffickers. Understanding how to reach and communicate with the youth culture is essential. Youth culture also tends to set trends regarding which social media is in, which instant message platform is hot. Traffickers spend time learning how and where to reach youth and have harnessed the online channels as a way to approach, connect and deceive their targets.

What Fields-of-Study are Relevant to
Anti-Trafficking Work? 

  • Social Work
  • Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Business & Management
  • Information Technology
  • Web-design
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Ministry
  • & others

 Students can Network with
These Agencies

Federal,state,local agencies and non-profits

Equal Employment Opportunity Empl Commission

Bexar County District Attorney's Office

Juvenile Probation

Rape Crisis Center

& others being added

What is Freedom-U?

Freedom-U is a student anti-trafficking movement for area university and college students interested in human rights and specifically human trafficking.  The core mission of Freedom-U is to train and engage students to participate in impactful work designed to combat and prevent human trafficking which occurs domestically. 

Many people who learn about human trafficking, find themselves becoming cause minded with a desire to do something meaningful to prevent this human rights violation. Human trafficking is a tremendously complex issue which can be overwhelming. Individuals wanting to become involved are faced with many challenges when they ask themselves "What can I do?"    read more



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